Winter Campaign Hub

Welcome to the story of the Great Mznuua Fireball!

Winter Campaign Hub

Are you eager to get your friends involved in TDE? Are you looking for a reason to paint up those beautiful models that have been sitting in blisters since the Kickstarter delivered? 

Well, now is the time to get involved in an immersive, worldwide campaign where your games (at home or your local club/store) decide the future of the TDE meta-plot! Represent your favourite Faction, and aid them to dominance!

Round 1: Time Remaining

The Story So Far

Campaign Introduction:

Great Mznuua… one week ago…

Ink dark night became day as the fiery object roared over Kalla’Qua’s head in a deafening smear of destructive power. Reflexes sharpened by years of forest dangers flung her to the ground as surely as if she had been charged by a Jungle Trike. The roar ended in a cataclysmic explosion as the fireball tore in to the mountainside. Trees bent in the shockwave. A blizzard of vegetation fluttered and eddied around her for several seconds, before falling calmly to the ground. 

In the distance Kalla’Qua could see the glow of the impact. She watched it expand for several seconds before realising it had punched a hole in the side of the mountain itself, and pouring from that hole was a river of cherry red, molten rock.

Between her and that hellish chasm, however, was a scattering of burning debris, dotting the mountainside like glowing stars. 

“Others will come to investigate” she thought to herself. “I must warn my people…”


Almost a week ago a great fireball was seen falling from the sky, to strike the volcano known as Great Mznuua. Since then, the mountain has been restless, belching out palls of black smoke and rumbling ominously. 

For the villagers who live in the wake of the mountain, it is a time of danger and heightened alertness. At a moment’s notice they can ready themselves to abandon their homes, and flee from danger. 

However, a village of Sorrians reported something even more noteworthy. They claim that debris fell from the fireball, near their village, and that the debris was technological in nature. 

Now, Mznuua is the scene of scared villagers fleeing from the mountain while tech-hungry treasure hunters run towards it, eschewing the obvious danger at the promise of potential riches…

You and your crew are one such group!

However, discovering what the falling object truly was, and retrieving any technology you find there, is only part of your agenda! Each Faction has a secondary objective, which will be sent to you on registering for the Campaign. 


Kaneda’s eyes narrowed as the Sorrian chieftain prostrated himself before him. Well, perhaps it wasn’t so much of a prostration. More of a headlock really. Kaneda grinned internally while trying to look stern. Hosk wasn’t good for much, but his headlock technique was second to none… provided he didn’t pop the poor chief’s head right off. 

“Tell me again. Slowly this time” he drawled lazily. 

“The star fell right over the village, and crashed in the mountain, to the West. The fallen shards are to the North West of here- over the river, but before the rocks of Tanna: an outcropping of boulders shaped like a…. pile of boulders.”

Kaneda tried to narrow his eyes further. This resulted in him being able to see nothing at all. 

“Are you mocking me, lizard?!”

“No sir!” the chief croaked, gripping Hosk’s furry arm in an attempt to keep breathing. 

“And what of the secret cave your people talk of?” he asked. “The one with glittering treasures?!”

“You must be confusing us with a neighbouring tribe” he said. “We tell no stories of a glittering cave”. 

Hosk shot his boss an enquiring look. Kaneda noted that it was uncharacteristically clever of him to do so. He shook his head, and the Berengeii released his captive, who fell to the ground, gasping. 

Of course the lying wretch didn’t deserve to live, but Kaneda was feeling in a rare merciful mood. Either that or he decided the fellow might be useful later…

But now, in to the Jungle!

The Winter "Slow Grow" Campaign is an opportunity for you to get involved in a campaign scale narrative, by playing special scenarios, published every three weeks, and submitting your results. The results of your games will decide what happens in the Winter Campaign story!

In the Winter Campaign you'll be given a set of special Faction objectives, as well as the usual win/lose conditions for each scenario. You'll earn rewards as an individual, and as part of your faction.

Occasionally you might be asked to keep an eye out for special events, and given a QR code to follow if that particular event comes up in one of your games. What's at the end of the QR code? Who knows! (well I know, but you'll just have to find out!).

Build Your Force at a manageable pace

This campaign is a “Slow Grow”, so for now all you need is three models assembled and (preferably) painted to get started. Then, over the course of four 3-week rounds, you will slowly add to your painted crew, for a final showdown at full TDE tournament strength! 

At the end of this campaign, not only will you have helped guide the story, found a bunch of cool Easter Eggs, supported your chosen faction in a global competition for glory and… well, mostly glory… but you’ll have a fully painted crew, ready to take along to an Organised Play event!

Player Led, Immersive Story

This campaign is literally chock full of easter eggs, and player choices. As well as the over-arching plot of the campaign itself, each faction has a sub-plot and secondary objective they are trying to complete. After each game you’ll record your results, acquire points for personal and faction achievements, and submit them to us at TDE-HQ. Each round we’ll graph the results, and decide where the story will take us next! 

Additionally, we might have a few extra events such as a player-questionnaire to decide certain plot points and decisions, spot-events you’ll need to look out for in-game, with a QR code to follow when they happen (for example, two particular rivals having a show-down, or a specific character fulfilling a personal aim or goal). What’s at the end of the QR code? Who knows! You’ll have to wait and find out. 


Winning, losing, achieving Faction goals or even specific in-scenario achievements will give you rewards such as effect cards, keyword triggering achievements, deployment advantages in future games: perhaps even the odd stat or weapon boost for your Characters! In other words, your Crew will progress through the story, racking up advantages and characterful assets, going on a unique journey for ultimate glory!

Winter Campaign Rules

At its heart the Winter Campaign is just a connected series of scenarios, where you record your games, submit your results to TDE HQ, and we let you know who’s winning and losing. 

Firstly, how to get started. 

The first thing you have to do is pick a Faction to play for the remainder of the Campaign. You’ll need to download the Application Form in the download links to the right of this page, and send it to

How to Play? 

At the beginning of each Round we’ll publish the Round Scenario, as well as some fluff explaining what’s happening in the world of Ulaya, and how the campaign story is progressing. After you’ve played your game you’ll fill out a little “game submission form” HERE

Remember, if it’s not your first game of the round, don’t record Faction Objective scores, and remember you do not get Campaign Rewards either.

Round Lengths and Requirements: 

Each Round also has a model requirement, starting with just three models.

Round 1- 1st-21st December

1 Leader Model and 2 other Characters - all from your faction Starter

Round 2- 22nd December - 4th January

Full Faction Starter Box (5 models)

Round 3- 5th-18th January

Full Faction Starter Box plus 15 points of Dinosaurs and Effect Cards

Round 4- 19th January-1st February

A legal 130 point list (You can use Mounted Leaders, Wayfarers etc!)

Campaign Rewards

There are several types of Campaign reward- mostly these are detailed in the scenarios themselves, but you can also gain them through completing your Faction Secondary Objectives and Faction Subplots, as well as Spot Events (more on those at a later date). 

Player Campaign Sheet

On this card you’ll record your win/loss records and make a note of any Rewards and Achievements you acquire. 

Download it HERE

Faction Subplot Card

Over the course of the campaign you’ll have an opportunity to further the goals of your Faction by ticking off a number of specific Subplot Events. When you have the required amount of achievements you’ll be able to follow a QR code to a special reward, and the next Subplot Card!!

When you register you’ll be emailed your first Faction Subplot Card.


Download the Application Form HERE, and send it to

Rounds will be 3 weeks each, in which time you’ll be asked to play one game and paint no more than 2 models.

Sure! Of course your games from rounds which are already completed won’t count towards your faction total, but once you’re caught up every game you play will count. 

Yes, but you will receive a -1 Initiative penalty to all your Initiative rolls when any of your models are unpainted. 

Yes! This is a great way to ensure other players get a game each round. We are scoring each faction on its win/loss percentage, not the actual number of wins/losses. So you can rack up several results in the system. However, You should only gain rewards and Faction Achievement Events for your FIRST game each round. 

Nothing! You’ll be behind, but you can keep playing. Either get someone to face off against you in a catch-up game or just skip the round and record the next one instead. 

Artefacter Subplot Progress
Firm Subplot Progress
Militia Subplot Progress
Bondsmen Subplot Progress
Wayfarers Subplot Progress

Artefacter Win%

1 %

Firm Win%

50 %

Militia Win%

50 %

Bondsmen Win%

50 %

Wayfarer Win%

100 %