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The Artefacters
The Firm
Slethssk Lizardman Scout


Slethssk (Artefacters) Sorrian Scout If anyone can keep Nix in check it’s Slethssk, considered by most to be her second in command. Slethssk is from a tribal community of Sorrians who live to the west of the Great Lagoon Network. But Slethssk was never going...
post apocalyptic girl with flamethrower


Mirja grew up on the mean streets of Tartouf. For as long as she can remember her only friends were a blade and the other street kids. But Mirja wasn’t like the other kids. They did what they did to survive, but from an early...
Gorilla Miniature with a sledge hammer


For as long as anyone can remember Hosk has been terrorising the Downtown district of Skyton. As a baby he was brought in to town by a group of traders who found him upstream in the wreckage of a river-caravan; The only survivor of a...
Ana, Dverg Mech miniature


Ana Dverg Female Mech. “where have you been, we were worried sick?!”. Those were the shrill words that punctuated Ana’s childhood. It was no exaggeration to say she gave her parents grey hairs, always sneaking out into the ruins to find “treasure”. Ancient electrical transistors, copper cabling, power...
Corian Combat Medic Miniature


CorianHuman Male Combat Medic A Combat Medic does most of his work in muddy pools, smoking craters or the cover of damp undergrowth. Something all these locations have in common: there are definitely no beds. So what then, does a combat medic need with a...
Sage the Berengeii


Sage, Berengeii Male Tough. Standing in a wrecked Cantina with a bullet wound to the chest, and four dead men at his feet. That was Sage Kodo’s earliest memory. … This all took place in the small trading port of Tinpot; a town on the Blacksea...
Nix the Artifacter


Nix.  Human female archer, and Leader of the Artefacters!.  Easily the most experienced of the Artefacters, Nix was wandering the wilds of Ulaya with her father for as long as she can remember, wielding her bow with deadly expertise. Even in those early days, the...
Lizard woman assassin


A graduate of the prestigious Varakaj Academy, Lissz is a slave, at least for the next five years. Her tutelage cost ten years of her freedom, as academy graduates are sold to their new owners for a considerable sum, on the promise of ten years...
Post Apocalyptic Samurai


Proud, resentful, arrogant; all of these words could be used to describe Kaneda Griss, the leader of The Firm’s notorious “River Crew”. But Kaneda is merely an underling, in the grand scheme of things. Disappointing son of a powerful Underboss, Kaneda was sent to Skyton...
Steampunk Dwarf Shaman

Papa Venk

A figure of mystery, Papa Venk is an elderly and wizened Dverg, who’s size leads some to speculate he is half human. For years he lived as a hermit in various parts of the Five Lakes District- no light achievement considering the dangerous wildlife of...