Human female archer, and Leader of the Artefacters!.  

Easily the most experienced of the Artefacters, Nix was wandering the wilds of Ulaya with her father for as long as she can remember, wielding her bow with deadly expertise.

Even in those early days, the attention of her father was always divided between her, and his work as an Artifacter. Perhaps it’s fair to say she was always going to excel, but perhaps her drive an tenacity was formed as a way to gain her father’s attention. Despite this fact, Nix was a loved child, and very much the centre of the Artifacters crew she grew up in. After her father’s death her position as new leader is questioned by nobody.

And yet a clean break was what she desired most, forming a new crew of people who didn’t know her background and with whom she shared no past.

There’s no denying that when it comes to finding the most promising missions, she’s the best. Her methods, however, are questionable to say the least. She thinks nothing of putting her people, or herself, in danger to achieve their ends. So far nobody has been killed, but is it just a matter of time?