For as long as anyone can remember Hosk has been terrorising the Downtown district of Skyton. As a baby he was brought in to town by a group of traders who found him upstream in the wreckage of a river-caravan; The only survivor of a raider attack. He was brought up by a family of Berengeii, but from the very start he was trouble.

He was always getting in to trouble- fighting, violent outbursts, petty theft and bullying other children. When he was around 10 his adoptive parents, having fallen on hard times, left Skyton without telling anyone, leaving Hosk behind.

From that time onwards he lived on the streets, and soon fell in to bad company, working for Boss Kassel, the local crime lord, as a runner and messenger boy. As he grew older and stronger his talents for intimidation and cruelty marked him out for a higher position in the organisation. Hosk served as a foot soldier and protection collector, and for a while was a trusted member of Kassel’s organisation. However, the combination of his uncontrollable temper and an addictive personality led him once again in to trouble.

After beating a shop keeper to death instead of following orders, and frightening him instead, Hosk was banished to The River Crew- a Firm gang notorious for antisocial and uncontrollable members.

Hosk is wretched and violent, only thinking of what he has to do to get his next fix. But when directed, his anger and frustration make him a truly fearsome opponent. His favoured weapon is a jet powered “Power Sledge”, a brutal weapon which matches his fiery and unpredictable nature.

Formidable as he is, Hosk would still prefer to strangle someone from behind than put up a fair fight. He as pathetic as he is dangerous, hated by most, held in contempt by the rest, but in a gang like the River Crew his unfettered violence and uncontrollable nature can be put to good use.