Hello and welcome to the first TDE Community Showcase! Every month or so we are going to have a look through some of the community participation and creative endeavours, and showcase a particular person or group who’ve been doing something amazing, that we feel you should all take a look at!

It doesn’t have to be painting. It could be model making, dioramas, particularly interesting home brew campaigns or battle reports, a youtube channel… anything which is TDE related, creative, and great!

This time we’ll be looking at the painting and base sculpting of the very talented Andrey Tartarinov!

As well as having a very interesting de-saturated palette Andrey really pulls out the stops with his oriental styled sculpted bases.

I particularly like the way he uses the flow of the model sclulpts themselves to determine the direction of the base elements, as is clearly shown in this Lissz, where she appears to be tiptoeing along a precarious branch, waiting to pounce!

And here you can see the pre-painting version. Notice Andrey is sculpting in regular Milliput – definitely not the easiest material to work with!

I love the alternate colour scheme on Kaneda:


Andrey decided to extend the flames on Mirja a little bit, giving her even more height!


The “see no evil” monkey statue seems to be rather afraid. I can’t think why!


Lastly, a Work In Progress: Hosk! I love the way that, again, the movement of the base emphasises the properties of the original pose. I can’t wait to see him finished!

Who do you think should be in our next Community Showcase? Let us know in the comments below!