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A land of jungle and ruins


The Drowned Earth is a world where heroes and villains risk the hazards of the wild for glorious riches and ancient technologies!

For hundreds of years nature reclaimed the earth, pre-historic monsters ruled the wilds, while the survivors of the cataclysm known as "The Event" struggled to survive.

Now a New Enlightenment has dawned, and the fragile glimmer of civilisation has begun to shine. Now the fight is on for who will control this precious knowledge.

Which side will you take?

Folk stories tell of boiling black skies raining fire while seas rose up to break the land asunder. Tales are told of the floods and devastation, death and destruction on an unimaginable scale, the earthquakes, choking winds and an entire world dying, wreathed in flame.

The result: a timeless and world spanning civilisation crushed in an almighty cataclysm the likes of which has never been seen before or since.

Known as “The Fall”, nobody truly knows what happened. Some say it was the retribution of the gods, punishing the arrogance of The Builders. Others say it was a terrible war to end all wars, but all agree that the once mighty civilisation that ruled The Drowned Earth was utterly crushed.

The Drowned Earth is a land of racial diversity. Humans are not the only intelligent species to occupy the world. These different species often live side by side, creating diverse and cosmopolitan societies. Along with humans, these are the major races:

The Berengeii are a race of wise Gorillas, wise and thoughtful, but fearsome when angered.
The Sorrians are a reptilian species of inquisitive wanderers and adventurers.
The Dverg are a diminutive species of Near-Human; Hard working, redoubtable and with a passion for machines.

The Drowned Earth Tabletop Miniatures Game

Every single game that I've played has been INCREDIBLY CINEMATIC.

High Quality Sculpts


The movement is really DYNAMIC AND FLUID  You can leap off buildings, swing on vines... So cool!

What is TDE?


What is The Drowned Earth


The Drowned Earth is a tabletop miniatures game where brave heroes and villains risk the dangers of the wilds for glorious riches and ancient technology!

Played on a 3ftx3ft table with 5-15 models a side, TDE is a game of dynamic movement, cinematic action and narrative gameplay, where risk vs reward must be weighed every turn.


The mechanics of TDE encourage a cinematic, dramatic style of game where critical decisions of risk vs reward must be weighed.

  • knife Edge Decisions
  • Constant Involvement
  • Dramatic Situations


At the heart of the game is the Dynamic Movement system, where models can leap, climb, jump off buildings and shoot while doing so!

  • Dynamic Movement
  • Reaction Mechanic
  • Resource Management


A combination of cinematic action and an emphasis on named characters means that TDE has a very narrative feel: each game tells a story.

  • Scenario Play
  • A rich, deep world
  • Mechanics encourage storytelling

Road to Kickstarter


Our Kickstarter opens on the 16th of April. If you'd like to be notified please click on the button below to receive our monthly newsletter, which will of course include a reminder about the Kickstarter when we go live.


For a system with so much FREEDOM OF CHOICE it is surprisingly tight.

Get Involved

Open Beta

Beta Rules

The rules are currently in Open Beta, and I would love for you to download and play them. I'm committed to releasing the strongest rules set possible, both in terms of clarity of wording and unambiguity of play.


Until our Kickstarter delivery date, you will of course, have to proxy miniatures from your collection. However, if you prefer not to, or have nothing suitable, you can download a set of paper Standees to play with instead.

Profile Cards

Here you can download the Beta profile cards for the Artifacters and Firm. The other factions will follow on general release of the game. Enjoy!

It's REFRESHINGLY STREAMLINED; You're playing the game, not looking things up!

You can really BECOME A PART OF IT rather than just pushing soldiers around on a table... It's more than that.

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